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Dear members.
As you are keeping safe and sound, we hope you do find some inspiration and solace in spending precious moments with and among your loved ones. We're back to the mere quintessence, the source and the simplicity: we're back to art, culture and heritage within the nucleus of everyday life, which somewhat artificial flavours keep hiding away in times that are deemed normal. We hope you are re-energizing and chanelling it all.
Life now has new metrics: heart, love, patience, and lucid resilience. It's something we could call pulsometry. Time might be of the essence, but we are the sensitivity of it all.

We are announcing that our AGM will most certainly be taking place in August, but, of course, we'll keep you posted, should anything come sooner than expected. There are amendments to the laws governing AGM for non-profits which keep us responsible to our membership and help us keep everyone safe. Furthermore, the membership renewal and subscription period is extended until June 30; the membership fee will remain at $20.00. Your current membership is extended until that date.
I thank you for being stimulating, motivating, and healing, as distance also allows us to reflect, feel and create. Let's be and create: let's concreately make a difference.
Let's keep being at the art of it all.

- Éric Charlebois, President of the CAPRAC Board of Directors