Christine Lenoir-Godin

Language Spoken French, English


  • Biography and Artist Statement

    I am nearly 70 years old and I’ve created for 60 years with pens, pencils, pastels, watercolours, and eventually in acrylics.  I have made my preferred medium.  I use graphite, inks, watercolours and pastels regularly.  I also do sculpture in clay and with found objects, mixed media and collage.  I also recently discovered ephemeral art and encaustics.

     I am an ambidextrous painter.  When I paint, I rarely have a pre-conceived idea because I stop thinking and I focus solely on what passes from me to the canvas (or chosen ground) I go with Zen meditation sounds and release the image as if forms.

    I do not personally care much for traditional portraits and representational art – bowls of fruit, cute dogs, pale flowers, bottles and pretty ladies –We have been looking at that art for hundreds of years – if I want representational pictures, I reach for my camera.  In this I am hard-headed. Me, I am all for Pure Creation – New and Unique!!

    I am representational only when I paint landscapes – which are impressionist in style.  There, I describe my love of earth and sky – but  mostly my love for the trees – which we have lately  seen getting uprooted with careless abandon in these counties!

    When I work in studio with live models, I practice the discipline of exactitude, of realism, where I “do” what the model IS – and allow myself little room for “stylizing” it is like working out to stay in shape.  I can draw with my left hand as well, but there, it is as if a different person is doing the drawing.

    I am a Water Colour Rebel!  I persist in the use of White and Black!  The painter is the Boss – me! I decide what I am creating and whether using black or white will do what I want for my painting.  Yes, I learned the “right way” to “make” white and black – I know how.  White paint and black were invented to be used.

     Naturally, I am banned from all  “Associations of water colourists”.  Still,  I vote YES to the Black and YES to the white and YES to the artists’ freedom!

    I recently obtained my General Arts program from the Ottawa School of Art – a 3-year programme, which I compressed by putting in 60-hour weeks in homework assignments and 12-hour days in classes into one year.

    I have been “showing” and selling throughout my life – recently and locally since 2010 (La Maison des Arts, The Ottawa School of Art (Orleans Campus) Shenkman centre and in privately owned spaces.  I was a volunteer art teacher for a mental health facility for 2 years.  I had a very hard childhood and I do constant battle with depression myself which is why I sympathize and like to work with these groups.

    What DRIVES  my creativity even more,  was a shattering event in 1999 where the retina in both my eyes tore and I was going blind.  Dr. Bill Britton, the eye surgeon saved my life.  Since that miracle, I look at everything around me not just twice but a third time, in depth!  In everything I observe there are manifold details; images within images where the exact look of an object is much more than what a camera-painting picture can give.  Which is why I paint the way that I do.