January 16, 2022
The Review (James Morgan)

The Conseil des arts Prescott-Russell Arts Council (CAPRAC) is among four local organizations receiving funds for 2021-2022 from the Government of Ontario’s Community Building Fund – Operating Stream, delivered by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

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January 12, 2022
Le Droit Franco (Yves Bergeras)

(article in french)

Le gouvernement de l’Ontario a accordé une subvention de 49 200$ au Conseil des arts Prescott-Russell Arts Council (CAPRAC).

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December 8, 2021
TVC22 - A Community Insight

Our Executive Coordinator, Karine Lévesque-Noyes, visited the TVC22 studio in Rockland to discuss with Thomas Stockting about our 2021 virtual Arts Market, and other upcoming projects!

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June 24, 2021
Tribune-Express (Catherine Lefebvre)

(article in french)

L'année 2020 a été difficile pour le domaine des arts, particulièrement, mais le Conseil des arts Prescott-Russell Arts Council (CAPRAC) a su se réinventer.

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June 21, 2021
The Review (Reid Masson)

The Conseil des arts Prescott-Russell Arts Council (CAPRAC) is looking to grow in 2021 - offering 'pay-what-you-can' memberships, increasing its online profile and becoming more involved with the region's live-music community.

Staff and volunteers at CAPRAC are extremely busy organizing the Canada PR 2021 event for Canada Day, July 1, which will feature dozens of artists from all of the municipalities throughout the United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR). Canada PR 2021 will begin at 6:30 p.m., July 1 and can be viewed at the Facebook event page here https://www.facebook.com/events/850103679251699 , as well as on numerous other plateforms.

Incorporated in 2014, the Prescott-Russell Arts Council's mission is to support the development of artists, organizations and all those involved in arts, culture and heritage activities. Funded by the United Counties, CAPRAC has one full-time staff member, one part-time employee and adds a summer student for the peak season of the year. Revenue also comes from memberships and various events organized by CAPRAC.

"We are here to provide support to artists and art, culture and heritage organizations," says Karine Lévesque-Noyes, Executive Coordinator of CARPAC. "It's not just for professional artists - we really are here to encourage cultural expression in our communities, activities and events."

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Les municipalités s'unissent pour la fête du Canada - Édition André Paquette, June 9, 2021

"Attachez votre tuque", CAPRAC organise la fête du Canada 2021 - TVC22 (Thomas Stockting interviews Éric Charlebois), June 10, 2021

Exciting lineup of local talent will perform at UCPR Canada PR 2021 event July 1 - The Review, June 21, 2021

Une fête du Canada à distance mais rassembleuse dans Prescott-Russell - Journal le Régional (Noé Cloutier), June 25, 2021

Véronic Dicaire and Mélissa Ouimet added to UCPR's Canada PR 2021 concert lineup - The Review (Reid Masson), June 28, 2021

Indigenous lands and residential school discoveries will be acknowledged on Canada Day in Prescott-Russell - The Review (James Morgan), June 30, 2021




Alfred (Ontario), December 12, 2019 — The Conseil des arts Prescott-Russell Arts Council (CAPRAC) is proud to collaborate with the United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UCPR) to launch a new project which aims to promote the artists of Prescott and Russell by adorning the walls of the UCPR Council Chambers with art.

The purpose of this new initiative is to bring together a diversity of artistic expressions from the four corners of our territory in an annual exhibition which will showcase one artist ambassador from each of our municipalities in order to celebrate our shared community and regional identity.

CAPRAC would like to invite members of the media and public to attend the unveiling of the artists and their chosen artworks for this exhibition titled Expressions of Our Municipalities. This is a special occasion for the public to view the artworks and meet the artist ambassadors for this 2019-2020 exhibition.

Date: Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Time: 4:30 pm. – Vernissage: speeches, announcement of chosen artists and unveiling of their artworks.

Location: Council Chambers, United Counties of Prescott and Russell 59 Court St, L’Orignal, ON K0B 1K0

This new initiative was made possible thanks to the continued financial support from the United Counties of Prescott and Russell.


Alfred, October 2, 2018 – While Culture Month has drawn to a close in Prescott and Russell, it is important to mention that our campaign I Vote Art, Culture, Heritage will continue until the municipal elections. This campaign serves as a way to reflect on the inclusion of art, culture and heritage in electoral platforms. Without supporting any particular candidates, the ten organizations behind Culture Month wish to inform the candidates and constituents alike about the benefits of art, culture and heritage as an economical and social pillar.

“With the elections in sight, we will continue our awareness campaign, and we are confident that the many activities of Culture Month have demonstrated to the candidates that art, culture and heritage are not only present, but also important to the Prescott and Russell communities” declared Shanna Steals, Conseil des arts Prescott Russell Arts Council’s (CAPRAC) Executive Director.

Culture Month was instrumental in creating a cultural identity unique to Prescott and Russell. “We are confident that the regional scope of Culture Month, actively helped to create a common vision for the municipalities of the United Counties” added Ronald Handfield, CAPRAC’s President.

Following Culture Month, we are inviting the community to share their artistic and cultural vision for the region by completing a ballot for our I Vote Art, Culture, Heritage ballet box located at Arbor Gallery Cultural Centre, Clarence-Rockland Museum, La Cité Alfred campus, La Maison des Arts, and Le Chenail Cultural Centre.


I Vote Art, Culture and Heritage

Alfred (Ontario), Tuesday, August 28, 2018 — Because art, culture and heritage deserve to be celebrated and highlighted, ten Prescott and Russell organizations have joined forces to create Culture Month. This new initiative, inspired by Culture Days and the upcoming election season, strives to transform September into a symbol of the cultural wealth our region has to offer.

The theme for this inaugural Culture Month, I Vote Art, Culture and Heritage, is a call to action, not only for candidates, but for citizens, cultural and community-based organizations, and businesses to make art, culture and heritage an integral part of each platform by way of discussion and concerted efforts to raise awareness.

« It is very important, with the upcoming elections, to consider art, culture and heritage as economic and societal vehicles, fundamental to the prosperity of our region. Furthermore, Culture Month is to become a symbol of the cultural richness of a region that is starting to fully cultivate its potential » declared Shanna Steals, Conseil des arts Prescott Russell Arts Council’s (CAPRAC) Executive Director and spokesperson of the group.

The group regards the many and various activities being held in September as fundamental to the advocacy campaign I vote art, culture and heritage. We invite you to follow all Culture Month developments at caprac.ca as soon as September 1st 2018.


CAPRAC Presents Featured:
An Evening Celebrating the Art and Artists of Prescott & Russell

Alfred, December 12, 2016. Nearly 30 regional artists of different artistic disciplines as well as our region’s very own star, the talented Mélissa Ouimet, will share the stage for an evening of artistic diversity, networking and celebration. On December 17, 2016, you are invited to join the Conseil des arts de Prescott Russell Arts Council (CAPRAC) at 5 p.m. at La Maison des Arts, 2 Lapalme Street in Embrun, to celebrate our regional artists and the arrival of the holidays in a festive environment. This one-of-a-kind showcase will begin with an art exhibition accompanied by a wine and cheese, and end with a variety show which will be sure to appeal to all ages!

Our region’s very own star, Mélissa Ouimet from St-Albert, will be our special musical guest who will charm the audience with her lively and heartfelt music and performance. On the importance of the arts in Prescott & Russell, Ms. Ouimet expressed that “the roots and support of a community are the primary tools for an artist to create the canvas of their future!” And it is with that in mind, that CAPRAC and its partners present Featured, an event with the purpose of not only bringing artists together, but also to offer them a platform on which they can express their art, and share it with the entire art, culture and heritage community of Prescott and Russell.

We invite you to see and experience the work of our exhibiting and performing artists from all corners of the region such as Hawkesbury, Alfred, Curran, Plantagenet, Bourget, Rockland, Clarence-Creek, Limoges, Casselman and Embrun, and network with a dynamic community eager to share their talent and vision through various forms of art such as dance, music, song, slam poetry, storytelling and visual arts. A variety of local food and beverages will also be served throughout the evening.

Tickets are available on Eventbrite, and will also be available at the door ($5-$15). Visit caprac.ca for more details on the showcase and to see the complete list of artists.

The Conseil des arts Prescott Russell Arts Council is a not-for-profit corporation whose mission consists in informing the community about the various cultural, artistic and heritage events in the region; bringing together actors from the spheres of culture, arts and heritage, supporting the implementation of unifying initiatives and promoting Prescott and Russell’s arts, culture and heritage.


Press Release
For immediate release

Call to Artists of Prescott and Russell:
150 Reasons to Be Canadian


Alfred, Friday, August 26, 2016 – The Conseil des arts Prescott Russell Arts Council (CAPRAC), in partnership with the Prescott and Russell Economic Development and Tourism (PREDT) Office and Tourism Prescott Russell Tourism (TPRT) will be leading a regional signature project titled “150 Reasons to Be Canadian.”

In 2017, Canada will celebrate the 150th anniversary of its confederation. To mark this special occasion, CAPRAC, in partnership with the PREDT and TPRT are calling all artists, artisans, makers and creators of the Prescott and Russell region to participate in a major project created for this once-in-a-lifetime celebration titled “150 Reasons to Be Canadian.” Thus, artists are asked to submit an artwork in the discipline and medium of their choice (painting, poetry, choreography, short film, fine craft, etc.) while respecting the eligibility criteria established by the organisers.

The ultimate goal of this project is to bring together 150 works of art in a grand group exhibition at an opening reception which will held on October 21, 2017. This grand exhibition will be accompanied by music and a wine and cheese. Performing artists will also have the chance to present their work in the evening. Among the 150 artworks gathered, 24 pieces have been reserved for youth. Each high school in the region will be approached in September 2016 so as to choose two young artists and their artwork to represent their respective schools.

In order to emphasize the scale of the project in the community, a unique logo will be created to represent the project's theme and a website www.prescottrussell150.ca will be launched in the new year where all information related to the project will be found, such as the list of all the artists and artworks, partners and sponsors.

This signature project will also be afforded an exhibition catalogue that will be sold and distributed at the grand opening. Following a call for tenders, a chosen photographer from the region will be hired to take professional photographs of each artist and their work. A graphic design firm from the region, also following a call for tenders, will be hired for the layout of the exhibition catalogue.

Those who will have missed the grand group exhibition and opening will have a second chance to see the artworks as the group show will be divided and pieces will be exhibited across Prescott and Russell throughout the month of November 2017 in venues such as Le Chenail Cultural Centre, the Clarence-Rockland Recreational and Cultural Centre (YMCA), Arbor Gallery Cultural Centre, La Maison des Arts de Russell and L'Orignal Old Jail.

For more details on the call to artists, please visit CAPRAC’s website www.caprac.ca under “Opportunities”,


The Conseil des arts Prescott Russell Arts Council is a not-for-profit corporation whose mission consists in informing the community about the various cultural, artistic and heritage events in the region; bringing together actors from the spheres of culture, arts and heritage, supporting the implementation of unifying initiatives and promoting Prescott and Russell’s arts, culture and heritage.


CAPRAC at a Crossroads

Alfred, February 12, 2016 – The Conseil des arts Prescott Russell Arts Council (CAPRAC) needs to make some tough decisions about its role, so it is asking the community to attend meetings to review scenarios.

Following last fall’s public meetings, CAPRAC faces a handful of fateful choices. Operating under a Board of Directors formed entirely of volunteers representing their community, CAPRAC wants to hold in-depth conversations and welcomes the participation of everyone who cares about the arts, culture and heritage.

One of the key questions: is CAPRAC an umbrella organization that services the half dozen local cultural centres, and concentrates on making the best local talent known across Ontario and Quebec? On the other hand, does it orient its efforts towards amateurs and supporters of the arts, culture and heritage who live in Prescott & Russell, helping them to grow and expand their abilities? In what ways can we marry the two and help boost the development of partnerships so as to make culture an essential element, at the very heart of what defines Prescott & Russell?

Another hot topic: should membership be free? Presently, you have to pay 20 dollars to become a member. Is it important to pay for what you get, or perhaps, considering that the majority of its funds come from public sources, CAPRAC should open its doors to everyone, for free?

Artists, stakeholders and all those who work in the field of art, culture or heritage are invited to attend one of the following evenings, to help in the development of CAPRAC’s triennial strategic plan:

• February 16, 2016, Embrun, Knights of Columbus Hall, 5 Forget St., 6 :30pm to 9 :30pm
• February 18, 2016, Bourget, Community Centre, 19 Lavigne Rd, 6 :30pm to 9 :30pm
• February 24, 2016, Vankleek Hill, Anglican Church Hall, 5845 Church St (HWY 34), 6 :30pm to 9 :30pm

Please note that consultations will be bilingual. A simultaneous interpretation service will be offered at each event.
Those interested in attending are asked to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to confirm their presence at one of the three consultations.

In addition, people are encouraged to participate in a brief survey by February 15th at the following link:



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