Marie-Claude’s Visit to Le Chenail Cultural Centre: Where Art, Culture and Heritage Thrive!

Did you know that Prescott and Russell offers plenty of cultural activities for us to do this summer? If you enjoy or want to discover everything that surrounds cultural, artistic and heritage events, here’s your chance! Make Prescott and Russell your artistic destination this summer!

Did you know that within Prescott and Russell, you can find 3 distinct cultural centers? Starting in Embrun, with La Maison des Arts that has a huge impact on their community with their fun activities and artistic classes, to Arbor Gallery Cultural Centre in the charming and welcoming town of Vankleek Hill, and last but not least, this week’s destination, Le Chenail Cultural Centre in Hawkesbury with its unique style will charm you right away. Whether you’re from the region or beyond, these centers are a must, to add to your bucket list!

My visit to Le Chenail Cultural Centre

Whether you have already visited Le Chenail Cultural Center or not, this place is worth re-discovering all over again! Situated in Hawkesbury, next to the Quebec border, this charming historical house hosts a wide variety of artistic and cultural activities throughout the year. If you are looking to experience something new, here’s your chance! Their program includes a combination of music, contemporary dance, theatre, literature, and visuals arts-- a perfect chance to experience art in different ways. This historical house was built in 1832 and makes an ideal rental for weddings, reunions or baptisms and family gatherings. Impress your guests with this charming and elegant historical space.
My personal experience: If you’re a fanatic of coffees, lattés, cappuccinos, espresso, you MUST try coffee from their legendary coffee machine. It is TO DIE FOR! While you’re at it, grab one of their homemade goodies to satisfy your sweet tooth. I personally tried their latté, and I can definitely say, it’s the best in Hawkesbury. Amazing artwork, great coffee, succulent dessert, all in the comfort of a historic atmosphere, what more could you ask for? Plus, if you’re tired of your old coffee machine back home, go and get a coffee there, you also have Wi-Fi for free!

One of their special features, is the exterior art installation by Recycl’Art, open until March 31, 2018. Make sure you take the time to visit and contemplate the engaging sculptures that surround Le Chenail Cultural Centre grounds.
What makes Le Chenail Cultural Centre even more special? It’s location! The cultural centre is located in la Maison de l’île, a charming heritage building bordering the Ottawa River. It is the perfect opportunity to go and enjoy a nice picnic with family and friends. As an added bonus, you get to eat and enjoy a great view! Another great aspect of this place is the welcoming greeting of the team.

So, if you’re looking for anything to do this summer, you know where to go! Le Chenail Cultural Centre offers a variety of attractions. When I went for my visit on Monday, the heritage exhibition of John Hamilton, pioneer and founder of Hawkesbury, was on site. A great way to know more about the Hawkesbury area and how it was founded. This particular exhibition is on until September 4. So make sure to visit!

Next up in their programming is, Journée Trad on August 12, a traditional music show. Also, for the music enthusiast, Le Chenail Cultural Centre will be hosting Jessica Vigneault, daughter of the legendary Gilles Vigneault. She will be performing on September 9. Then, on October 13, come discover Lorraine Klaasen, an artist performing South African music. Definitively, what I admire most of Le Chenail Cultural Centre is the artistic diversity they have to offer.
Go and meet a dynamic and passionate team that will gladly show you all that the cultural centre has to offer. When looking for something educative, fun and different to do this summer, make sure to stop by and experience all the treasures to be found.

Make sure to follow our next adventures, as we experience more artistic, cultural and heritage activities and visit destinations in Prescott and Russell!
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