Message from CAPRAC concerning the CANADA PR 2021 event

To ensure acknowledgement and meaningful action, but more importantly to go beyond acknowledging the wrongs that have been perpetrated against indigenous communities and the enduring impacts of colonialism in our country, we consulted with community leaders from the First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities to better understand how we can respectfully address this issue. We decided to open the virtual event with a poetry reading. This is a collaboration between a local First Nations poet and a local poet of colonial background. This text begins as an acknowledgement but becomes an oath that recognizes what we have done, and more importantly, what needs to be done to ensure truth, action and growth in the community.

Huland Acknowledgement

Éric Charlebois

Unceded territory? What ? No.
Flat out and in stolen, maybe. Soiled soil. Land cut open and eviscerated.
Land slide landfill. It’s about time we are open pit beyond whitewashed pity. 

we acknowledge we were wrong
we vow to never again commit such spoliation
we acknowledge we won't let history repeat itself
we vow to make it right by honouring this land we are acknowledging and the People who had taken care of it all this time
we acknowledge that acknowledgement, reconciliation and making amends are not enough
we vow to raise awareness, educate, share, channel, feel, let flow, and take action to make sure past depredation, alienation, extermination, and suffering serve as burning lessons beyond memorandums of understanding, agreements, and treaties
we acknowledge we are at fault and we sinned
we vow to follow the land's will
we acknowledge it is everyone's
we vow to embody the Great Spirit
we acknowledge we will make the most out of remorse in building strong communities based on equal opportunities to thrive and on complementary accomplishments on this land that bears the scars covering still vivid wounds and the righteous blood we wrongfully shed  
we vow to shed light and unite through our defining differences to create a better world thanks to all its core pieces
and in inner
and outer 


Watch Éric recite the text during the Canada PR 2021 virtual event: