Activity Description: Welcoming public spaces - creation of a cultural diversity mural

ACFO Prescott et Russell has received a grant to create a space that values cultural diversity within the Communauté francophone accueillante (CFA) of Hawkesbury in order to promote the development and intercultural exchanges between newcomers and the host community. We are looking for an artist/muralist to design and create a mural for the CFA project.

Project Summary: The consultant will be responsible for conducting consultations and developing a work plan for the implementation phase of the mural project.

Evaluation and Selection Criteria: Interested artists/muralists must prepare a portfolio that contains the elements below. Proposals will be judged on a series of largely qualitative criteria. The four categories of evaluation are as follows:

  • Creativity/Talent: Demonstrate, through samples in your portfolio, previous projects or contracts, particularly for similar clients.
  • Work plan: A text describing the proposed artistic approach. It is desirable that the selected artist commit to meeting virtually with the community to consult on the elements to be included in the mural. In the presentation kit, explain the type of mural recommended (mural on wall or canvas, mural on substrate, etc.) and propose a technical estimate, including specifications on the materials used. The dimensions of the mural can be between 144 and 240 sq. ft. The assembly of the components as well as the description of the anchors for the installation of the work (approved by an engineer)
  • References: Please provide a current list of at least three professional references.
  • Quote / Payment Estimate: Please provide a financial quote detailing all costs for the design and execution of the work (e.g. design, modeling, plan). Eligible expenses for this project include artist's fees and expenses, travel, purchase and rental of materials, lighting, cultural mediation activities, installation, treatment of materials to ensure their resistance to weather and graffiti, administration costs, insurance. Note that the maximum budget for this mandate is $7,000 until March 31, 2023.

Year 2021-2022 - $2500 to develop the implementation plan for the mural.

Year 2022-2023 - $4500 to create the mural.

  • Community Outreach: Priority will be given to Franco-Ontarian suppliers, particularly those located in the Prescott and Russell
    in the Prescott and Russell area. A study on the creation of the mural in which ACFO PR has identified possible locations is available upon request.


  1. ACFO Prescott and Russell reserves the right to hire one, several or none of the candidates as a result of this solicitation.
  2. Individuals performing projects under this agreement are not considered, under any circumstances, as employees of ACFO Prescott and Russell and are not entitled to any benefits and/or advantages reserved to benefits and/or advantages reserved for employees.
  3. Payments will be made upon submission of a proper invoice, based on the rate quoted in the proposal and/or based on a mutually agreed upon price estimate.
  4. The budget allocated for this bid is $7,000 over two years.

APPLICATIONS: In order to be considered, please send your proposal before 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 30, 2021 to Jacques Héroux, Executive Director, ACFO Prescott and Russell - Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.