The Prescott-Russell Arts Council is offering financial support to students

Vankleek Hill - The Conseil des arts Prescott-Russell Arts Council (CAPRAC) is pleased to announce that the CAPRAC Student Fund Bursaries will once again offer support to the region’s young artists and arts & culture students. For a second consecutive year, two bursaries of $750 will be awarded. These bursaries are to be awarded to graduating students who currently live and/or attend school in the United Counties of Prescott & Russell and, will be attending a post secondary program that reflects Art, Culture or Heritage. Example programs can be and not limited to the following: Fine Art, History, Animation, Architecture, English, French, Arts Administration, or Illustration. Bursary winners are also given the opportunity to participate in the CAPRAC Board of Directors (please note that this is voluntary and not a condition of the bursary).

 In addition to continually supporting our region’s young and emerging artists through efforts such as our pay-what-you-can membership, the CAPRAC Student Fund Bursaries was also created to encourage Prescott and Russell students to pursue a career in the art, culture or heritage sectors. As one of last year’s recipients, Maxime Legault, stated: “The arts are essential. The arts allow a community to grow because they are not only a reflection but a form of expression of society. [...] Art brings a community together and encourages artists to better themselves.” 

The second recipient, Maxime L’Écuyer, reminds us that: “Arts, culture, and heritage are very important to the well-being of a community [...] [They] provide inspiration, people can identify and recognize themselves in the works, creating a sense of belonging.” The Arts Council hopes that this initiative helps give the region’s youth a sense of belonging and the belief that their voices are part of the richness of Prescott and Russell’s culture.

The work of arts, culture and heritage is to define who we are as a people and a region whether it is through the stories written, the history that is preserved or the art that is created. [...] Through the awarding of bursaries, we are working to foster the next generation of artists and cultural emissaries proudly representing our region, the United Counties of Prescott and Russell.” - Tina Petrovicz, Vice President of the Board of Directors, CAPRAC

Interested students can find more information on our website and have until May 27, 2022, 5pm to submit their application.

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The Conseil des arts Prescott-Russell Arts Council (CAPRAC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to inform the community of the various cultural, artistic and heritage events in the region, to bring together cultural, artistic and heritage actors, to support the realization of unifying initiatives, and to promote the arts, culture and heritage of Prescott and Russell.

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