Darquise Delorme

Language Spoken English and French


  • Biography

    Born in 1983 in Cumberland, Ontario, she lives now in the beautiful village of Plantagenet. Since her childhood she was fascinated by the visual arts. From high school, she took additional courses in visual art. The arts are used as a means of communication. During her high school she discovered watercolour. This medium has become her medium of choice. She is still and opens to explore new medium and technique. Subsequently, she obtained a college diploma in graphic designer. Her sources of inspiration are flowers, nature and movement. Watercolour, allow her to express herself feelings with authenticity, fluidity and passion.

    Artist Statement

    I make art so I can express and explore the nuances of my soul and my emotions that I cannot show. My sources of inspiration are flowers, nature, harmony of colours and movement. Also, my sources of inspiration are caused by an event that makes me very emotional. These emotions are often represented by colours or flowers. Flowers are for me a symbol of life with a beginning and an end, while being beautiful and full of colour. Painting is for me an extension of my soul. Without painting there are emotions or situations that I cannot express. My medium of choice is watercolour and transparent gel medium. Clear gel medium is used to highlighting certain parts of my watercolour. I’m still and open to explore new medium and technique.

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