Elaine Toutant Allen

Language Spoken français, anglais


  • Biography

    When art gives a second breath of life

    Elain Toutant Allen lived in Quebec City for 50 years, married and moved to Eastern Ontario in 2014 to join her husband. A career women for over 25 years she served as director of sales and marketing in furniture and interior design, and is also a founder of a magazine which aims to discover the attractions, entertainment, art and Culture in Quebec city, which allowed her to contribute on her creative side. The artist never abandons her brushes and her passion for artistic creation, is still pervasive over the years. There is always a moment to create between work and family. Now she focuses on her art, although she continues to work in her company, Arte Marketing, and is a member of the AACR (Association of Artists of Clarence Rockland) and Prescott Arts Council Russel.

    Over the past 30 years, her art has been exposed at public exhibitions, hung in private offices, exhibited in furniture and interior decoration shops, as well as in several restaurants in the Quebec City and Chaudière-Appalaches areas.

    Using oils and acrylic, both on traditional media or metals, she has developed different techniques, with traditional tools or other more unusual products to produce various landforms and textures. She creates contemporary art, abstract and conventional subjects, which makes her a versatile artist.

    Her concerns for the environment are such that she tries to find ways to restore various natural materials. After more than a year of research and trying various methods, she has developed new techniques and robust anchoring systems, to provide a durable finish for her achievements. The artist incorporates different materials, such filings and aluminum foil so that grafts blend with original work and sometimes combine them in the engravings on metals, materials, vegetable and organic, in order to draw all the artistic potential and ensure that all works have a unique fingerprint.

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