Leeça St. Aubin

Language Spoken English and French


  • Biography

    Leeça St. Aubin has spent years documenting people, their lives, their stories, and their celebrations. Whether it be an artist in his studio or on stage, at large or small events, or a family’s intimate daily life, Leeça sees beauty in the real. There are stories behind smiles and in the eyes of those she interacts with, and it is during the interaction between photographer and subject that the story is divulged through words and images. The setting or environment also play a role in the overarching theme that encapsulates her work. There is poetry in the simple moments, in the play between subjects and in the subjects immersed in their world. These are essential ephemeral moments that Leeça tries to capture with her lens.

    Artist Statement

    I bought my first camera at a flea market when I was 8 years old. I used to sit on the floor of our old library and open the big Time books with images that worldwide journalists had taken. Later, as an adult, I was fascinated by the Great Depression photographers who told stories of people who were affected, and showed their subjects in their environment, their real lives.

    Later still, when I had the chance to travel, I wanted to share what I saw, the wonderful scenes, people of all different cultures, and their lives, with everyone in my world. I also loved to write about my adventures.

    So, in time, I became a visual and oral and storyteller through both words and images. People fascinate me. Our connection to the natural world fascinates me. Being able to show people how I see the world is a real privilege and an honour. I invite you to contact me either for a photo session or to purchase images for your walls.

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