Manon Sauvé

Language Spoken French, English


  • Biography

    Hello, my name is Manon Sauvé alias Manis.

    Why? Because I have always had a passion for art, therefore, as soon as I became a teenager, I chose my pen name. Man for Manon and Nis for Denis, my lover at that time and now married since 1975 and with whom I had three wonderful children. By coincidence or unconsciously, part of the names of each of my children are also in my pen name.

    At thirteen years old, I took a guitar lesson, at seventeen years old, a sewing class, at eighteen years old, a painting course, but it is only in 2006 that I discovered stained glass at one of my friend’s house who invited me for an introduction course to stained glass given by a self-taught glass artist. It was a revelation and love at first sight, a genuine passion. From the Tiffany method, to lead came, to mosaic, and finally to glass fusion, I experimented and experimented. Then, in April 2013, I attended an advanced workshop with Patty Gray, USA, internationally renowned in the art of fused glass. In May 2014, I attended a workshop with Jennifer Walkovich from Arizona, USA, on a fused glass stamping technique. Finally, in May 2015, I attended Patty Gray’s very advanced fused glass workshop.

    Artist Statement

    Everything about glass fascinates me. The possibilities are endless. There is not one day going by without seeing something, whether inert or living, found in the house or in nature, that inspires me for a creation. I absolutely love to work with stained glass and different alloys to create a scene or unique objects.

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