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    Annabelle was born in Port-Cartier, Quebec, in 1980. Over the years, she studied in music, architecture, construction and horticulture, and she spent 15 years working for the Canadian Forces. She has been creating art for the past 25 years and has worked with many mediums including pens, pencils, acrylic paint, paverpol and paper. She has taken art classes with the Coast Collective in Victoria, under professional artists including Brian Simons, Deborah Czernecky and Sophia Morrison and has had the chance to expose her art in local coffee shops, dance studios and in the art show ‘Appetite for Art’ on Vancouver Island. She has also worked as the ‘Arts and Props’ teacher for Amber Academy, taught Kids’ Arts Camp on Salt Spring Island and was a dance teacher for Passion and Performance. She choreographed dances and designed sets for local theaters and performed in the Vancouver Island Performing Art scene. Annabelle started experimenting with paper in 2017 but it is only after moving with her family to Alfred in 2019 that she decided to focus solely on paper portraits. Since, she has been working hard at creating her own style and honing her skills as a paper artist.

    Déclaration d'artiste

    I love creating portraits using paper quilling techniques! The texture of paper ‘on edge’ is quite different from any other visual art forms I have seen or tried. Its delicate look, the intricate details, the way the image changes with the light: it is simply beautiful! Each piece I make is unique and inspired by the beauty I see in the world and in people around me. I take a lot of pictures and keep folders full of inspiring images to help me figure out what I should do next. It is important to me to always be creating and I always love seeing where the process takes me. I work mostly with cardstock paper; I cut all the sheets into strips and then roll, fold and glue every piece by hand. It is a very meticulous process and it that can take hundreds of hours to create but to me, it is worth every minute.

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