Eva-Maria Albrecht Hoedeman

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    Déclaration d'artiste

    My art is my connection to the soul and beauty of all living beings. Art is love made visible. To me, life is the freedom to be passionate, have respect and unconditional love towards people, animals, nature and the world around me.

    Growing up in an artistic family in Munich Germany, I studied many art movements. The vivid colour combinations and strong messages of the "Expressionist" movement as well as sculptures of the Italian Sculptor " Marino Marini" had a great influence on me. If I had to describe my art it would be "expressionistic". I studied Art in Germany under my father’s guidance and later acquired a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Concordia University in Montreal with a major in sculpting and painting.

    Being a sculptor the figures I paint have a tendency to seem three dimensional. I am happy and satisfied with a painting when the subjects have come alive. Using Acrylic paint on canvas gives me the perfect medium to express myself. I always start with painting the eyes and once I have discovered their secret, the rest follows by itself. I often feel that my hand is guided when I paint or sculpt, and many times the result becomes a surprise. Often, the reason I undertake a painting is because I am inspired by the beauty of the subject. Most recently I started a series of paintings depicting endangered animals to voice my concern.

    The creation of Movement and Tension in a sculpture is what excites me the most. I have worked in wood, cement fondu, resin , metal and lately have discovered "Winterstone" which gives me a wide range of Possibilities.

    As I have grown as an artist my work has become more and more an essential part of my being.